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PLEASE NOTE: We do advise not to book your fitters until you have received your carpet underlay

Carpet underlay sits beneath your flooring to provide a range of different benefits. It protects your flooring against heavy wear and extends its lifespan.

We are specialists in carpet underlay from Wilsons Carpet Underlays, Duralay,Tredaire and Cloud 9 carpet underlays, with a vast knowledge and great selection of all the best UK carpet underlays online at cheap Trade prices.

Browse our range now for a comfortable and insulating carpet underlay that adds a touch of luxury to your property.

You will need the right carpet underlay for the subfloor in your home,you can buy the underlay in a variety of roll sizes through our online store.

Our carpet underlay products are ideal for most floor types and we do have a superb selection of laminate, vinyl, and wood underlays too.

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Plushwalk 12mm Corner Shot

Plushwalk 12mm Carpet Underlay

• 12mm Carpet Underlay
• For Luxury Designer Homes
• Memory Foam Technology
• Designed in the UK

from £6.66 sq.m (ex VAT)


ThermalStream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

• 10mm Thickness
•Best For Underfloor Heating
• Up to 46°c heat transfer
• Designed in the UK

from £9.16 sq.m (ex VAT)

Plushwalk 10mm Corner Shot

Plushwalk 10mm Carpet Underlay

• 10mm PU Carpet Underlay
• For Luxury Designer Homes
• Memory Foam Technology
• Designed in the UK

from £6.33 sq.m (ex VAT)

Plushwalk 8mm Corner Shot

Plushwalk 8mm Carpet Underlay

• 8mm PU Carpet Underlay
• For Luxury Designer Homes
• Memory Foam Technology
• Designed in the UK

from £5.99 sq.m (ex VAT)


Super Velvet Wool & Crumb Carpet Underlay

• 12mm Felt & Rubber Underlay
• Excellent Sound Proofing
• Environmentally Friendly
• Manufactured in the UK

from £8.50 sq.m (ex VAT)

Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm Carpet Underlay

Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm Carpet Underlay

• 11mm PU Carpet Underlay
• Contract and Domestic
• Manufactured in the UK

from £3.75 sq.m (ex VAT)

DeepStep 11mm Carpet Underlay

DeepStep 11mm PU Foam Carpet Underlay

• 11mm PU Carpet Underlay
• For Luxury Domestic Installations
• Made From Recyclable Materials

from £4.44 sq.m (ex VAT)

Sterling Royale Carpet Underlay

Heart N Soul Combination Wool & Crumb Rubber Carpet Underlay

• 10.5mm Combination Carpet Underlay
• For Luxury Domestic & Contract Installations
• Combination Wool Felt & Crumb Rubber

from £6.25 sq.m (ex VAT)

Cloud 9 Nimbus 7mm Carpet Underlay

Cloud 9 Nimbus 7mm Carpet Underlay

• 7mm PU Carpet Underlay
• Excellent Recovery
• Manufactured in the UK

from £3.16 sq.m (ex VAT)


Frequently Asked Questions

Our carpet experts highly recommend replacing your current underlay before laying your new carpet.

Firstly, whilst your existing carpet underlay may seem in good condition, it will likely have lost its cushioning due to years of wear.

This is highly problematic as it can lead to your carpet pile flattening prematurely, which reduces your carpet’s cushioning and causes it to look worn.

Differently, brand-new underlay will keep your carpet looking in fantastic condition by absorbing shock and allowing it to keep its spring.

Need advice when picking the best carpet underlay for your needs? If so, don’t hesitate to contact our team using our online contact form

A significant benefit of carpet underlay is its ability to reduce noise in your home or business – it provides noise-reduction cushioning between your visible and subfloors.

It works by absorbing impacts and the sounds in your room, such as dog barks and footsteps – something your neighbours will be happy about!

Some carpet underlays are designed specifically for absorbing sound, with porous materials like foam or sponge underlays working the best. We recommend Plushwalk 12mm – its 12mm thickness helps to lower impact noise by 49dB, whilst its memory foam construction helps to reduce acoustic and airborne noise in your home.

If you need more information regarding the underlays for the carpet we stock, please get in touch on 020 8037 6557

If you want your carpet to stay in fantastic condition for many years, you must install underlay underneath it. So, how can carpet underlay benefit your carpet and increase its lifespan?

  1. Carpet underlay adds comfort underfoot

Some subflooring, especially concrete, isn’t the most comfortable to walk on – a carpet underlay adds an extra layer of cushioning to make walking across your carpet more pleasant.

  1. Underlay shields your carpet from moisture

Concrete subfloors can often become damp, which can destroy your carpet fibres and cause them to smell. An effective carpet underlay will act as a barrier between the moisture from your subfloor and your new carpet, keeping it healthy for longer.

  1. Reduces noise in your home

Carpet underlay is ideal for absorbing impacts and acoustic sounds such as dog barks, falling objects, voices, and footsteps – this will help to keep your neighbours and family members happy as your home won’t be as noisy.


  1. Protects the underside of your carpet

As well as shielding your carpet from moisture, underlay will protect your carpet’s underside from friction against your subfloor. Frequent rubbing against a cold hard surface could cause the carpet to wear and lose its cushioning and stunning appearance.

So, to ensure you get the best out of your new carpet, we advise you to install carpet underlay first.

Although both protect your flooring and increase its lifespan, laminate and carpet underlays aren’t the same.

Underlays for carpets are thicker (usually around 8mm to 10mm) to provide more cushioning underfoot and effectively shield carpets from moisture. This thickness isn’t suitable for laminate floors as it can damage laminate flooring locking mechanisms.

Differently, laminate underlay typically ranges between 1mm to 3mm in thickness and is specifically designed for laminate flooring. So, it won’t effectively protect carpets as it isn’t thick enough to cushion the carpet’s underside.

Need advice when selecting the correct carpet underlay for you? If so, please call our helpful team of experts on 020 8037 6557 and they’ll be in touch

Wilsons Underlays have the best underlays on the market for sale which includes UK award winning Plushwalk underlay which provides astonishing levels of comfort underfoot as well excellent sound proofing and insulation properties.