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Gripperrod Carpet Gripper

At Tradepriced, we provide a fantastic range of wooden carpet grippers by the metre for carpets of all types.

What are carpet grippers?

Carpet grippers are installations usually made from wood designed to prevent your new carpet from moving when walked upon. Without them, your carpet could bunch and shift, which looks untidy and can damage the underside of your carpet, impacting its lifespan.

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Why do you need carpet grippers?

These devices are vital to protect the look and feel of your new carpet – but why else do you need them?

  • Help your carpet lie flat

By preventing your carpet from moving, carpet grippers stop your carpet from bending and ridging, which can damage its underside. Ridges damage carpets, preventing them from lying flat.

  • Give your new carpet a better finish

Bunched and detached carpets don’t look great – with carpet grippers, your carpet will stay firmly in place and continue to look stunning.

  • Prevent trips and falls

Carpet grippers prevent unsightly lumps and bumps from forming in your carpet which can create a hazard that you, your pets, or your children could trip and fall over.

Which carpet grippers are suitable for me?

There are several types of carpet grippers designed for different applications, so it’s important to pick the correct one for your needs.

Each is suitable for a specific room, carpet type or subfloor material – some are multi-purpose. For example, our range includes grippers with short pins for thin carpets and wooden subfloors and models with long pins for thick carpets.

How do I install carpet grippers?

Carpet grippers are incredibly simple to install if you’re fitting the carpet yourself or replacing a damaged gripper.

  1. Measure the width and length of your room, in either metres or feet – the choice is yours.
  1. Multiply the given width by 2, then the length by 2 – this will give you a final total in either, which you can use to order your grippers.

For example, if your room is 4m x 4.2m (13.12 x 13.77) complete the following calculations.

4m x 2 = 8m

4.2m x 2 = 8.4m.

Then add 8m and 8.4m to get 16.4m (53.80 feet). This is the meterage of carpet grippers you will need.

  1. Clean your subfloor

Before laying your carpet grippers, you must ensure your floor is clean and dust free. Chisel away old, dried adhesive and hoover away any debris and dirt.

  1. Position and secure the carpet grippers

Arrange each gripper 10mm away from your skirting with the pins facing upwards.

You may have to cut your carpet grippers down to size around any curves or corners using a hacksaw and vice.

To secure the grippers, you can nail the grippers down if installed above wooden subflooring. However, for concrete flooring you’ll need a wooden dowel rod – this acts as a raw plug for nail fitting. We recommend using a carpet-laying hammer to nail your carpet grippers into place.

What carpet gripper manufacturers do we stock?

At Tradepriced, we stock an extensive collection of carpet grippers from a variety of well-established brands, including the following:

  • Gripperrod Carpet Grippers

Gripperrods are one of the most trusted flooring carpet gripper brands in the UK, offering quality, consistency, and reliability throughout its entire range.

Gripperrods products ensure a high-quality finish so your carpet looks its best.

  • Royale carpet grippers

Royale is an expert German brand in durable carpet grippers designed to last. This manufacturer produces carpet grippers for many applications, from concrete to wooden subfloors.

  • Stairworks carpet grippers

We are proud to stock wooden carpet grippers from Floorworks, which manufactures strong and reliable products, including their felt grippers specially designed to grip felt-backed carpets.

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Black Royale Gripper - Tradepriced

Carpet Gripper Medium Pin for Wooden Subfloors

• For Use On 95%
• Of All Carpets
• For Wooden Sub Floors

from 23p a metre! (ex VAT)

Black Royale Gripper - Tradepriced

Carpet Gripper Medium Pin Dual Purpose

• For Use On 95%
• Of All Carpets
• For Concrete & Wooden Subfloor

from 23p per metre! (ex VAT)

Stairworks tair Gripper For Felt Carpets - Tradepriced

Stairworks Stair Gripper for Felt Backed Carpets

• For Use On
• Felt Backed Carpets Only
• Use On Stairs

from 59p a metre! (ex VAT)

Floorworks Carpet Gripper - TradepricedOut Of Stock

Floorworks Gripper for Felt Backed Carpets

• For Use On
• Felt Backed Carpets Only
• Use in Rooms

from 52p per metre! (ex VAT)

Royale Carpet Gripper - Tradepriced

120ft DIY Carpet Gripper Rods Red

• Dual Pin Gripper
• For All Carpets
• For Any Subfloor

from 37p per metre! (ex VAT)

Royale Carpet Gripper - Tradepriced

40ft DIY Carpet Gripper Rods Red

• Dual Pin Gripper
• All Carpets
• For Any Subfloor

from 66p per metre! (ex VAT)

Blind Wood Carpet Grippers - TradepricedOut Of Stock

Gripperrods Blind Carpet Gripper

• Blind Gripper
• For Use On Double Stick
• For Any Subfloors

from 23p per metre! (ex VAT)

Black Royale Gripper - Tradepriced

Gripperrods Short Pin Wood Carpet Gripper

• Short Pin Gripper
• For Use On Thin Carpets Only
• For Wooden Subfloors

from 33p per metre! (ex VAT)

Stick Down Carpet Gripper - TradepricedOut Of Stock

Gripperrods Stick Down Carpet Gripper

• Stick Down Gripper
• No Fixing Pins
• For Any Subfloor

from 23p per metre! (ex VAT)

Black Royale Gripper - Tradepriced

Royale Long Pin Wood Carpet Gripper

• Long Pin Gripper
• For Use On Thick Carpets Only
• For Wooden Subfloors

from 33p per metre! (ex VAT)


Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts highly recommend replacing your carpet grippers when installing a new carpet.

This is because the older the gripper rod is, the weaker the nails that hold the carpet and therefore the less effective it is in securing your flooring. As a result, carpets may become loose if fitted with worn grippers, damaging the underside of the carpet, and potentially causing trips.

However, the only exception is if your grippers are less than one year old, as they’re likely to be in good condition and work effectively. Again, if they’ve experienced damage, replace them before replacing your carpet for optimum performance.

To speak with an expert, call us on 02080 376 557, and we’ll happily help you!

The type of carpet gripper you should choose depends on the thickness of your carpet, the subfloor, and the room you wish to install your carpet.

Each gripper type is tailored for specific applications, making it crucial to select the right one to match your requirements.

Grippers with short pins are ideal for thinner carpets and wooden subfloors, while there are models with longer pins, well-suited for thicker carpets.

If you need more tailored guidance on which gripper to select, please don’t hesitate to call our team on 02080 376 557, and we’ll be happy to advise.

Yes! Here at Tradepriced, we offer incredible bulk trade discounts across our range of carpet grippers.

This is a fantastic discount if you require carpet a large volume of grippers for a commercial or residential property, such as flats and offices.

We also guarantee to match any written price you find elsewhere – all we need from you is a valid internet link that states that the goods in question are identical products we offer and that they’re in stock, and available for immediate delivery.

For more information regarding our bulk order discounts and price match promise, feel free to contact us on 02080 376 557

The shipping charges for each carpet gripper order are determined by various factors, such as your location and the size and weight of your order. Nevertheless, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the most cost-effective postage rates.

Customers residing in Zone 1, encompassing England, Wales, and the majority of Scotland, will typically incur standard delivery fees. However, if your location is in Northern Ireland or remote areas of Scotland, please reach out to our customer service team for a personalised shipping quote.

For inquiries about postage costs, please get in touch with us at 02080 376 557 or send us a message through our online contact form and we’ll be pleased to provide you with an estimated postage price.