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Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

Please check with your heating installer, but you are usually limited to having a combined tog rating of around 2.5 for the carpet and underlay with underfloor heating. We have put together the three underlays that have been designed for this type of heating which guarantees a problem free heating solution.

ThermalStream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

• 10mm Thickness
•Best Carpet Underlay For Underfloor Heating
• Up to 46°c heat transfer achieved on a 200kw heat source
• Low VOCs and Formaldehyde
• Designed in the UK

from £9.16 sq.m (ex VAT)

Tredaire Defender

Tredaire Defender Rubber Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

•  6.10mm Rubber Underlay
• For Use With Underfloor Heating Systems
• Carpet Underlay

from £5.33 sq.m (ex VAT)

Tredaire Treadmore Carpet Underlay

Tredaire Treadmore Carpet Underlay

• 7.95mm Crumb Underlay
• Very Hard Wearing Underlay
• Manufactured in the UK

from £6.35 sq.m (ex VAT)

Duralay Heatflow 0.75 Carpet Underlay

Duralay Heatflow Carpet Underlay

• 6.1mm UFH Rubber Underlay
• Low 0.75 Tog Underlay
• Manufactured in the UK

from £6.56 sq.m (ex VAT)

Tredaire Technics 6 Multifunction Underlay

Duralay Technics 6 Multifunction Underlay

• 6mm Rubber Underlay
• Noise Insulating
• Manufactured in the UK

from £9.11 sq.m (ex VAT)

Ball & Young Roma 0.8 Tog Carpet Underlay

Ball & Young Roma 0.8 Tog Carpet Underlay

• For Underfloor Heating
• Low 0.8 Tog Underlay
• Underlay For Value and Comfort

from £6.03 sq.m (ex VAT)

Tredaire King - 0.8 Tog Carpet Underlay

Tredaire King Carpet Underlay-0.8 Tog

• 8.6mm Rubber Carpet Underlay
• Low 0.8 Tog for UFH
• Manufactured in the UK

from £7.70 sq.m (ex VAT)



Do I need special underlay for underfloor heating?

You need to choose the best underlay to enhance the comfort of your flooring and the effectiveness of your underfloor heating. The type of underfloor heating you have, the material your flooring is made from and the tog rating of your underlay are all important considerations when choosing the best underlay for underfloor heating. We recommend ThermalStream underlay which is flame retardant foam and 10mm thickness with a low TOG rating

Types of underfloor heating

Firstly, there are three main types of underfloor heating to choose between. These include Hydronic (or wet) underfloor heating. This uses a series of pipes, which are laid under the floor. Hot water is then pumped through them to warm your flooring.

There is also Forced Air underfloor heating. As its name suggests, this uses warm air, which is passed through a series of ducts that are laid under your flooring. Finally, there is Electric (or dry) underfloor heating. This uses a conductive cable, which is laid under your flooring. This is then warmed by passing a current through a wire: exactly like an electric blanket. The heating element is usually laid in a pattern onto your subfloor and we do not recommend you use an underlay with Electric (or dry) types of underfloor heating systems.

If you opt for Hydronic or Forced Air underfloor heating there are two main considerations when it comes to selecting your underlay. The first thing you will need to think about is the tog rating of the underlay. This must be below 1.0 in order to ensure that enough warmth gets through to your flooring. After all, if you can’t feel the comforting warmth on your bare feet, there isn’t much point in investing in underfloor heating in the first place.

Which underlay is the best for underfloor heating with carpet?

The best underfloor heating underlay for carpet is ThermalStream Underlay. Its low tog rating allows efficient heat transfer through your carpet and into your home. As well as being an excellent thermal conductor, It also feels luxurious underfoot, having a comfort rating of 5. And, with a sound insulation rating of 42db, it will reduce noise from your flooring.

What is a tog rating?

When choosing carpet underlay for underfloor heating, the tog rating is something you need to consider. It’s the thermal resistance of an underlay. The lower the tog rating of a product, the lower its thermal resistance is. Having a low thermal resistance means that more warmth can pass through the underfloor heating underlay and into your home. Although a rating of less than 1.0 is normally sufficient, the lower the tog value of the underlay, the better. If you are looking for an underlay for underfloor heating in combination with a carpet, this is quite a specialist requirement. We would suggest a target tog should be 0.8 or less. If you are wanting an underlay for hard flooring, then a tog rating of less than 0.4 is ideal.

Another consideration is the ability of the underlay to withstand the direct heat from the underfloor heating system. Some can end up drying out or crumbling when exposed to heat, which will ultimately cost you more time, money and hassle in the long run. It is therefore crucial that you choose the right underlay the first time.

No 1 ThermalStream Carpet Underlay

No 2 Duralay Heatflow Carpet Underlay

Frequently Asked Questions

Underfloor heating carpet underlay and standard carpet underlay differ in terms of their tog rating. Tog refers to the thermal insulation of your underlay: the higher the tog rating, the more insulation it offers.

Even though it may sound contradictory, underfloor heating carpet underlay typically has a low tog rating to ensure you get the most out of your underfloor heating system. A low tog is required to allow the heat from below to pass through the underlay and into the carpet above.

On the other hand, standard underlay tends to have a higher tog rating, enabling it to retain heat, prevent cold infiltrating from the subfloor, and keep homes with central heating systems insulated.

Would you like professional guidance when selecting your next underfloor heating carpet underlay? Don’t hesitate to email us at, and a team member will respond to you as soon as they can.

Designed for use with underfloor heating systems, underfloor heating carpet underlay provides plenty of handy benefits, including the following:

Exceptional heat transference 

Feel the full effect of your underfloor heating system thanks to underfloor heating carpet underlay – thanks to its low tog rating, heat can easily transfer upwards from the pipes below and into your carpet, warming it and preventing wasted energy.

Comfort underfoot

A good quality underfloor heating carpet underlay offers superb cushioning beneath your feet, making your carpet even more comfortable to walk across – our 10mm ThermalStream underfloor heating carpet underlay provides a luxurious walking surface thanks to its sheer thickness.

Here at Tradepriced, we offer a range of underfloor heating carpet underlay from established brands, including Tredaire, ThermalStream, and much more! To get in touch, call our team on  020 8037 6557 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Here at Tradepriced, we offer standard delivery on all underfloor heating carpet underlay. With standard delivery, orders are delivered within 2-3 working days on average – but prepare to allow up to 5 working days during busy periods.

After our team has processed your underfloor heating carpet underlay order, they’ll pack it and hand it over to our delivery team, who will post it to your destination. If you reside in the highlands, Northern Ireland, or other regions outside standard UK delivery areas, please contact us for more accurate delivery details.

To get in touch with a team member, feel free to call us on 020 8037 6557, and we’ll get back to you regarding our delivery service.

Underfloor heating carpet underlay varies in price, depending on the brand and materials.

The more luxurious underlays from brands such as Duralay and ThermaStream will, unsurprisingly, be more expensive. These brands are renowned for manufacturing premium quality underfloor heating carpet underlays that last many years without losing their effectiveness or cushioning.

For example, the Duralay Technics 6 Multifunction Underlay is an excellent underlay that promotes heat transference and cushioning underfoot with a stunning guarantee of 15 years. So, whilst you may pay a little more, the results are long-lasting. 

We offer some of the best rates on the market, helping our customers to afford great quality underfloor heating carpet underlay at reasonable prices. To speak directly with an expert, call us on 020 8037 6557.