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Foxi Rug Anti-slipRug Underlay

Keep your treasured rugs and runners feeling new and protected for longer with anti-slip rug underlay.

Rug underlay is a protective fabric barrier between the underside of your rug or runner and the flooring beneath. Underlay prevents rugs from moving, cushioning your rug, and adding comfort underfoot.

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Prevent slips and trips with anti-slip rug underlay

Our high-quality anti-slip rug underlay helps to anchor your rugs or runners in place, stopping movement and sliding across laminate, wood, or carpet flooring.

Without an effective rug underlay, your runner or rug may rapidly shift as people move across it, causing falls. Rugs that slide may also bunch, creating a trip hazard and looking untidy in the home.

Anti-slip rug underlay has a strong-grip underside that prevents movement on hard and soft floors.

Increase the lifespan of your rug or runner

Rug underlays are here to save the day – without one, you could have to say goodbye to your favourite rug far sooner than necessary.

A cushioned layer of polyester beneath your rug prevents wearing as friction between its underside and the flooring is reduced.

Similarly, anti-slip underlay also prevents the annoying ridges that form if a rug is moved – unsightly and unnecessary, these ridges can go on to damage the rug backing, stopping your rug from lying flat in the future.

Protect your flooring with rug underlay

Non-slip rug underlay can save your flooring from damage caused by rugs and even your pets!

Some runner backings may be coarse and could potentially scuff hard flooring or carpets – underlay prevents the rug and flooring from touching, keeping your hardwood safe for years to come.

Additionally, rug underlay will protect your flooring by absorbing liquids that can leak through your rugs, including pet accidents, spilt drink, and leaks.

Rugs on all floor types can benefit from underlay

Underlays aren’t just for rugs on laminate flooring – we recommend using rug underlay across all surfaces, including carpet.

This will protect the life of your flooring and help your rug last longer too.

Why Buy Rug Anti-slip from us?

  • We are a Foxi Anti-slip Approved Retailer
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Why buy from Tradepriced?

There are plenty of reasons to buy from Tradepriced – the largest and most established online wholesaler of carpet underlay in the UK.

Competitive prices – we offer the lowest price guarantee, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best price for non-slip rug underlay.  

Easy to cut rug underlay – all the underlay we stock is incredibly easy to cut using a standard pair of household scissors – no special tools are required.

2-3 Working Day delivery on Foxi underlay – Foxi underlay is one of our best-selling rug underlay brands and is available for 2-3 day delivery – this is handy if you need to replace your old underlay as soon as possible.

For further information regarding our selection of rug underlays, feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 02080 376 557 or email us at

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Foxi Super Plus Rug Anti-creep Underlay - TradepricedOut Of Stock

Foxi Super Plus Rug Anti-creep Underlay – 3ft Width

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Foxi Super Plus Rug Anti-creep Underlay - TradepricedOut Of Stock

Foxi Super Plus Rug Anti-creep Underlay – 6ft Width

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Anti Slip Rug Underlay

Antislip Rug Underlay – Various Sizes

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New Tradepriced Rug Antislip Underlay - 3ft Width - TradepricedOut Of Stock

New Tradepriced Rug Antislip Underlay – 3ft Width

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£1.36 per linear ft (ex VAT)


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – we highly recommend using underlay beneath a rug or runner on carpet flooring for several reasons.

Rugs will move along carpet pile

Carpet pile refers to the fibres in your carpet that tend to lean towards one side to keep their shape. Due to this, you may find you’re readjusting and repositioning frequently as your rug will gradually move along your carpet in the same direction as the pile.

A non-slip rug underlay will prevent shifting by gripping the carpet fibres delicately, anchoring the rug in place without the use of adhesives. The underlay won’t damage your carpet and is very easy to install.

Underlay increases the lifespan of your rug

Anti-slip rug underlay prevents movement and stops creasing – the rigid bending of a rug. As rugs aren’t designed for folding, creasing may wear and deform its underside, preventing it from lying flat.

This then means that you may need to reduce rugs sooner than you expect.

At Tradeprice, we only supply the best anti-slip rug underlay – that’s why we’re proud stockists of Foxi, one of the most trusted manufacturers of rug underlay for over 20 years.

We supply Foxi’s bestselling super plus rug anti-creep underlay, available in two widths – 3ft and 6ft. This rug underlay is made from 100% bonded polyester and has many incredible benefits. For example:

  • Foxi underlay is simple to cut and place – there’s no stitching or glue needed.
  • It’s perfect for hard floors and carpets – Foxi underlay has carpet pile protection, meaning your carpet fibres won’t become frayed or damaged beneath your rug.

We also offer next-day delivery on all our Foxi underlays, meaning you can quickly fix your rug firmly into place.

Non-slip rug underlay increases the lifespan of your rug thanks to multiple protective factors.

An anti-slip rug underlay reduces the friction between the underside of your rug and your flooring, whether you have hard or soft flooring, such as wood and carpet respectively. Friction causes your rug to thin, weakening its fabric, and potentially causing tears and rips.

Non-slip rug underlay also prohibits ridges from forming in your rug – ridges occur when the rug no longer remains flat and compresses like an accordion due to movement. These ridges or folds can damage the backing of your rug, preventing it from lying perfectly flat again.

Invest in anti-slip rug underlay to ensure your rug lasts longer! For more information on our rug underlays, please contact our helpful team on 02080 376 557 or email us at

Aside from a standard pair of scissors to cut your underlay down to size – non-slip rug underlay is incredibly simple to install and doesn’t require special tools.

To lay your non-slip rug underlay to size, follow these simple steps:

  1. Position your rug upside down where you plan to lay it.
  2. Place the anti-slip rug underlay on the rug and trim 1cm-2.5cm from the edges using sharp scissors (you may not need to do this if your underlay is already perfectly sized).
  3. Flip the rug over, gripping the underlay and rug together – you may need more than one person to help if the rug is too large.

But won’t I need an adhesive to keep my rug in place?

Due to the unique strong-grip underside of our anti-slip rug underlay, no adhesives are required. This means no sticky residues are left on your floor which can often be problematic to remove- making Foxi underlay perfect for those living in rented accommodation!

For more information regarding our rug underlays, please contact our friendly team on 02080 376 557 or email us at