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Duralay Carpet Underlay

Duralay underlay’s are famous for durability and comfort and don’t compromise on either. The Duralay brand offers a wide choice of sponge rubber, foam and the environmentally friendly crumb rubber underlays. All Duralay carpet underlay is Brand New Perfect Stock, just as you find in the shops but all at Trade Prices!

Duralay Lifestyle 130 Carpet Underlay

Duralay Lifestyle 130 Carpet Underlay

• 10.2mm Rubber Underlay
• Luxury Domestic Use
• Manufactured in the UK

from £8.80 sq.m (ex VAT)

Duralay Durafit 650 Carpet Underlay

Duralay Durafit 650 Carpet Underlay

• 6.5mm Heavy Contract Underlay
• Duralay Double Stick Underlay
• Manufactured in the UK

from £6.44 sq.m (ex VAT)

Duralay Heatflow 0.75 Carpet Underlay

Duralay Heatflow Carpet Underlay

• 6.1mm UFH Rubber Underlay
• Low 0.75 Tog Underlay
• Manufactured in the UK

from £6.56 sq.m (ex VAT)

Tredaire Technics 6 Multifunction Underlay

Duralay Technics 6 Multifunction Underlay

• 6mm Rubber Underlay
• Noise Insulating
• Manufactured in the UK

from £9.11 sq.m (ex VAT)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duralay Carpet Underlay suitable for underfloor heating?

Duralay Heatflow Underlays are ideal for use above underfloor heating systems, whether that be in your living room, bedroom, or hallway!

Due to their low tog rating, this product has a higher thermal conductivity and a lower thermal resistance – this enables greater heating efficiency by allowing the warmth generated from your underfloor heating to pass quickly through the underlay and into your home.

Want to know more about Duralay Heatflow? If so, contact us at and we’ll be happy to advise!

Why choose Duralay rubber underlay?

Rubber is a highly popular material used in many Duralay underlays – but why is it beneficial to your home? Well, depending on the type of rubber, these underlays offer the following advantages:

Firstly, rubber Duralay underlay is highly robust and offers exceptional impact resistance and durability, meaning your underlay will keep performing and last for up to 25 years.

Sponge rubber underlay, such as the Duralay Heatflow Carpet Underlay, is great for use with underfloor heating systems thanks to its low-tog rating, which allows heat to pass upwards efficiently through your flooring.

Or, if you opt for crumb rubber underlay, this offers superb carpet protection against general wear and furniture indentations.

If you’d like more personalised guidance on which Duralay rubber underlay to choose, get in touch with our experts today!

Which Duralay underlay provides the most underfoot comfort?

Our entire Duralay collection offers a great level of comfort, but there’s one exceptionally luxurious underlay.

The Duralay Lifestyle 130 Carpet Underlay offers a very premium feel and high comfort rating that’s unmatched by many other products on the market.

This is due to Duralay’s excellent craftsmanship and its 10.2mm thickness, which provides plenty of desirable cushioning for your feet as you step onto your carpet.

Would you like to speak with a professional about your underlay needs? If so, don’t hesitate to call our team on 020 8037 6557.

How long do Duralay underlays last?

The lifespan of Duralay carpet underlays differs between each type of underlay and depends on the area of the home they’re designed to be used in, so we always recommend viewing each product page for more precise details.

For example, the Duralay Heatflow Carpet Underlay is made from sponge rubber and has a guarantee of 15 years, whereas the Duralay Lifestyle 130 Carpet Underlay has a 25-year guarantee.

Duralay underlays boast an impressive level of durability and robustness, so whichever you select, you’ll receive a long-lasting, expertly manufactured product.

Get in touch with our experts today for tailored guidance!