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WIlsons Carpet Underlays

WIlsons Underlays is a manufacturer who focuses on creating the very best in high quality underlays for your home or contract area. Their most popular PU underlays we have sourced for you and include their Plushwalk carpet underlay brand available in 10mm and 12mm. They also produce a high quality combination underlay of wool and rubber called Super Velvet Deluxe. In addition we have the ThermalStream underfloor heating underlay which is probably the very best underlay heating product available. Homeowners, retailers and contractors throughout the UK rely on the high quality underlays which are uniquely different to all other underlays as they consist of pure memory foam offering greater resilience to wear with incredible higher specifications. A truly British company providing exceptional carpet underlays both at home and abroad.

Plushwalk 12mm Corner Shot

Plushwalk 12mm Carpet Underlay

• 12mm Carpet Underlay
• For Luxury Designer Homes
• Memory Foam Technology
• Designed in the UK

from £6.66 sq.m (ex VAT)

Plushwalk 10mm Corner Shot

Plushwalk 10mm Carpet Underlay

• 10mm PU Carpet Underlay
• For Luxury Designer Homes
• Memory Foam Technology
• Designed in the UK

from £6.33 sq.m (ex VAT)

Plushwalk 8mm Corner Shot

Plushwalk 8mm Carpet Underlay

• 8mm PU Carpet Underlay
• For Luxury Designer Homes
• Memory Foam Technology
• Designed in the UK

from £5.99 sq.m (ex VAT)


Super Velvet Wool & Crumb Carpet Underlay

• 12mm Felt & Rubber Underlay
• Excellent Sound Proofing
• Environmentally Friendly
• Manufactured in the UK

from £8.50 sq.m (ex VAT)

Out Of Stock

ThermalStream Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

• 10mm Thickness
•Best Underlay For UFH
• Low 0.8 Functional Tog
• Designed in the UK

from £9.16 sq.m (ex VAT)


Wilsons Plushwalk Underlay

Wilsons Underlay with its base firmly set in the West Yorkshire area grew from humble beginnings some many years ago manufacturing a traditional wool felt underlay. Over time,  as demand grew for PU Foam underlay they introduced their highly sought after PU foam underlay ranges.

To supplement this they also offer a diverse range of accessories from the Royale brand.

Carpet Underlay is laid under your flooring to offer advanced protection from wear which increases the life of your carpet flooring, as well as giving you that super comfortable feeling underfoot. In addition it provides additional benefits, reducing airborne and impact noise whilst offering  increased insulation properties. We highly recommend Wilsons Underlays  if you truly want your carpets to feel the very best.

We supply all major brands of flooring underlay online and are proud to supply Plushwalk, Thermalstream and Super Velvet underlays at cheap prices online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we supply an extensive range of high-quality Wilsons Underlays carpet underlays, their Super Velvet Wool & Crumb Carpet Underlay is their crown jewel.

Made from a super soft blend of wool and nylon coated with a premium layer of rubber crumb, this product is one of Wilsons Underlays’ finest underlays, offering 12mm of supreme comfort underfoot.

What’s more, it offers exceptional levels of noise reduction thanks to its thickness, which drastically reduces airborne sounds in your living space, such as dog barks and noise from the television – so it’s something your neighbours can benefit from too! 

Plus, as it’s crafted from 55% recycled car tyres, you’re investing in a sustainable product and doing your bit for the environment.

Want further information regarding our selection of Wilsons Underlays? Call us on 020 8037 6557 today!

Certainly! Wilsons Underlays are manufacturers of the high-performance Plushwalk brand, considered to be one of the most luxurious carpet underlay brands on the market.

Their innovative Plushwalk collection now incorporates memory foam instead of standard PU foam, meaning Wilsons Underlays now provide unrivalled cushioning underfoot.

Additionally, Plushwalk is fantastic at resisting furniture indentation marks thanks to its superior compression recovery. 

Is dampness an issue around your subfloor? Not to worry, Plushwalk underlays feature a damp-proof membrane which acts as a moisture guard between your subfloor and flooring.

Here at Tradepriced, we offer a stunning range of affordable and high-quality Wilsons Underlays’ carpet underlays, including Plushwalk and ThermalStream. Why not give us a call for more information on 020 8037 6557.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a carpet underlay from Wilsons Underlays. 

Wilsons Underlays carpet underlay provides superb comfort 

Harsh concrete subfloors aren’t exactly soft to tread on – a carpet underlay will sit above your subfloor to provide much-needed cushioning.

Underlay blocks moisture from reaching your carpet

Dampness can arise from concrete subflooring, which can ruin your carpet and make it smell. A high-performance Wilson Underlays carpet underlay will shield your carpet from any subfloor moisture, improving the lifespan of your flooring.

Reduces airborne noise in your house

Wilsons Underlays carpet underlays are excellent absorbers of impacts and acoustic sounds, including noises like dog barks, voices, falling objects and footsteps. This quality ensures a quieter environment in your home, contributing to the happiness of both your neighbours and family members by minimising overall noise levels.

We stock a wide range of carpet underlays manufactured by Wilson Underlays – to speak about your underlay needs, call our team on 020 8037 6557.